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1962 pontiac tempest transaxle


This is a Pontiac tempest transaxle from 1962.


The Pontiac Tempest in 1962 had the motor up front and a driveshaft running to a transaxle that was located in the rear of the car. The engines power was transmitted to the transaxle by a driveshaft that was very simalar to a brush trimmer's shaft in a tube. Often the drive shaft was called "rope drive" The power then passed through the transmission,through the transaxle to the torque converter.The power then passed through the transaxle again, entering the transmission.The powerglide transmission would then send the power back to the transaxle and then to the wheels



The transmission /differential layout in the "Beast"

Checking the case for cracks. Use the cleaner to remove oils, spray penetrant,wait 20 minutes, remove excess penetrant,and spray developer. The cracks will show red.

These are the parts involved and some tools I made to help assemble the differential.

This is the 1962 differential that i am rebuilding showing the gear contact patch. I am using gear marking compound to get a good mark.The pattern should be slightly bias towards the heel or outside of the gear and during heavy acceleration the pattern will shift to the center.This picture shows both the drive side (convex) of the gear and the coast side(concave) of the gear.

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